How can I make a side hustle without doing any extra work? - VMS Innovations

Since early 2021, the cost of living has been rising throughout the UK, and in April, inflation hit its highest reported level since the early 1980s. Over a million individuals in Britain have taken on an additional job—often referred to as a side hustle—to help them earn some extra money due to rising household expenses, including food and power.

UK data indicates that owning a side business stimulates the economy and raises people’s salaries by an average of 20%. There were 1.2 million persons working a second job between February and April of this year, an increase of 100,000 from a year earlier.
The iVMS Group offers an immediate solution to a developing issue; we can help you instantly save money on rising petrol costs while simultaneously supporting you in protecting the environment. With iVMS’s specialized solutions that are developed just for your convenience, you can spend more time saving and less time worrying.

To prevent a cost of living crisis, take the three easy measures listed below.
·        Download the free fuel savings calculator from the iVMS App. It can instantly calculate how much petrol you could save.
·        The iVMS App can assess your driving style and advise you how to modify and adapt it to consume less petrol.
·        The iVMS App can optimize your routes to be as fuel-efficient as possible, enabling you to reduce carbon emissions while reducing your fuel costs.

iVMS Group’s tailored fit solutions will enable you to meet your financial goals. We can assist you in making immediate and long-term financial savings so you can fully control your spending habits regardless of changes in the world economy. Avoid a cost of living crisis by making your purchase right now.

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