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For large portions of the UK population, dealing with the cost of living crisis is nothing new. A record number of those who are struggling are being driven deeper into financial hardship and, in some cases, poverty, as the cost of just powering your home, filling up your car, and paying for the weekly grocery shop have soared considerably.

Petrol and Diesel

According to the RAC’s Fuel Watch, the average diesel and unleaded petrol price for UK drivers on June 23, 2022, was 198.46p and 190.22p per liter, respectively, with rising fuel prices predicted.

Now ex-Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced a reduction in petrol duty of 5p per liter for 12 months in his Spring Statement, which went into effect on March 23 of this year. The RAC estimates that this will reduce the cost of filling the tank of a typical 55-liter family car by about £3, which is obviously not a great saving.

Save on fuel and Maintenance

iVMs can guarantee to save the public up to 40% of their petrol bill with real-time A.I. audio driver assistance. That’s a staggering estimated saving of £1,651.63 a year.

Additionally, our fuel station optimization allows the public to find the cheapest fuel in their locality. It will even instruct them if they have enough fuel to reach the desired petrol station. It is highly beneficial in reducing traffic, minor accidents, or road blockages due to people running out of fuel. iVMS even goes as far as to reduce carbon emissions in an instant with the added benefit to change driver behavior to increase road safety. 

An additional cost-saving service our technology provides is Parking Space Identification. Our technology will identify the parking spaces available according to the area’s time restrictions and if the parking has any restrictions, such as disabled parking.  Allowing you to reduce time and fuel in searching for an empty space.

Benefits of iVMS Technology

An average person in the U.K. wastes around 18.80 gallons per liter a year searching for a parking space; we can save them an estimated £733 a year in petrol! Added to this iVMS Group can save you on average £2702.01 a year on petrol. This significant saving will assist everyone in budgeting, and spending money on other essentials.  Through iVMS, you will be at the forefront of tackling the cost of living crisis through one simple software package. Join the all-inclusive one-fit solution now on

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