Cost of Living Crisis - VMS Innovations

We are currently involved in one of the most difficult conflicts in current history. An issue that affects our personal lives as well as our enterprises. Living in the United Kingdom is comparatively more costly than in the rest of the world. Expenses have increased by a staggering 87% in the UK with London hit hardest by the cost of living squeeze amid rising rents.

iVMS Group has an immediate answer for a growing problem, we can instantly help you save on rising petrol prices while also assisting you to safeguard the environment. Spend less time worrying and more time saving with iVMS tailor-made solutions, customized to you for your convenience.

iVMS can guarantee you to save up to 40% on your petrol bill with real-time AI audio driver coaching. That’s a staggering estimated saving of £898.70 a year. Added to this our petrol station optimization software allows you to detect the cheapest petrol in your area. An easy win-win solution at a click of a button when you purchase the Fuel Saving product with iVMS.

Follow the 3 simple steps below to avoid a cost of living.

1.     Download the iVMS App which has a FREE fuel savings calculator. It can analyze how much fuel you could reduce and save you money in an instant.

2.     The iVMS App can analyze your driving behavior and instruct you on how to change and adapt your driving behavior so that you burn less fuel. 

3. The iVMS App can optimize your routes according to the most fuel-efficient way making you not only net carbon neutral but also helping you to save money on fuel. 

iVMS has the expertise to provide you with a customized strategy that will help you reach your budgeting objectives. We can help you save money instantly and in the long term, allowing you to take full control of your expenses no matter what happens in global dynamics. Make your purchase today and avoid a cost of living.