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There has been rising pressure on the government to address Britain’s escalating cost of living crisis. Sky News asked respondents how the cost-of-living crisis was impacting them and their families. 

 According to a Sky News study, over a third of individuals say they are more depressed now than they were six months ago about the rising cost of living. Nearly a third of the respondents said they felt angrier than they did six months ago, and more than 60% said they were more concerned. Additionally, many are forced to make the agonizing choice of whether to pay for fuel to heat their houses or food to feed their family, as the average price of a full tank of petrol has surpassed £100 for the first time. 

 IVMS Group is aware of the challenges individuals are facing and has developed an instant cost-saving solution that can provide an immediate impact. Our innovative technology via our iVMS App seeks to reduce fuel costs by up to 40%.  You can also go green with our unique carbon emissions offsetting system that will make you net carbon neutral in real-time.  

You can save an estimated £2,702.01 a year on fuel with iVMS without changing your vehicle. Don’t fuel up, but smart up with our fuel-efficient cost-saving technology. Our product has a variety of features that are beneficial for corporate and individual use. iVMS has the infrastructure and experience to design a strategy that will help you reach your objectives. We can help you save money instantly – and in the long run. Make your purchase today and avoid a cost of living. 

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