Charging your Electric Vehicle Cost - Benefits of iVMS Technology

According to new information from RAC Charge Watch, the cost to charge an electric car on a pay-as-you-go basis at a publicly available “fast” charger has risen by 42%, or 18.75p per kilowatt hour, since May to reach an average of 63.29p per kilowatt hour.

It now costs EV drivers on average £32.41 to rapid charge a typical family-sized electric car with a 64kWh battery to 80%, which is up nearly £10 (£9.60) since May and £13.59 compared to a year ago. A driver who only uses a quick or ultra-rapid charger on the public network will now pay about 18p per mile for power, according to the RAC’s statistics.  This compares to 19p per mile for a petrol vehicle and 21p per mile for a diesel vehicle.  Therefore, the difference between charging an expensive electric vehicle that can set you back thousands of pounds and filling up your average petrol vehicle is only a difference of 1p per mile.   Yes, 1p!

So what now?  You want to help reduce carbon emissions and save money on fuel and now you know that electric vehicle are not worth the hype, what do you do?

The Solution is iVMS:

iVMS can guarantee to save the public up to 40% of their petrol bill with real-time A.I. audio driver assistance. That’s a staggering estimated saving of £1,651.63 a year!

Additionally, our fuel station optimization allows the public to find the cheapest fuel in their locality. It will even instruct them if they have enough fuel to reach the desired petrol station. It is highly beneficial in reducing traffic, minor accidents, or road blockages due to people running out of fuel. iVMS even goes as far as to reduce carbon emissions instantly with the added benefit of changing driver behaviour to increase road safety. 

An additional cost-saving service our technology provides is Parking Space Identification. Our technology will identify the parking spaces available according to the area’s time restrictions and if the parking space has any restrictions, such as disabled parking. We allow you to reduce time and fuel searching for an empty space.

Benefits of iVMS Technology

iVMS can save you, on average, £2702.01 a year on petrol. This significant saving will assist everyone in budgeting and spending money on other essentials. Through iVMS, you will be at the forefront of tackling the cost of living crisis through a straightforward software package. Join the all-inclusive one-fit solution now.

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With temperatures expected to climb beyond 35°C, the UK Health Security Agency has issued a heat health alert for the UK. A significant portion of the UK will be under amber “severe heat” warnings from the Met Office on Sunday, July 17. The UK has to rapidly prepare for a future with more heatwaves, according to experts, who also note that hot spells have a more significant potential effect than other climate extremes like flooding.

We all know climate change is the issue, and yes we all have a responsibility in saving the planet that is our home. iVMS can make your vehicle eco-friendly and instantly net carbon neutral. By looking at cleaner fuels, cleaner automobiles that are more fuel-efficient, better driving, and fleet management, you can reduce the environmental effect of your fleet of vehicle journey.

How can you drive and still help save the planet from extreme weather?

· CO2 monitoring – iVMS allows you to monitor the exact rate of CO2 emitted on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis for both individual vehicles and your fleet as a whole.

· A.I. software to reduce carbon emissions – iVMS system will give you regular recommendations based on driving behavior and style to reduce your CO2 output helping you to curb climate change.

· A.I. software to reduce fuel consumption – iVMS system will give you regular recommendations based on driving behavior and style to reduce your fuel consumption, which in turn means less CO2 emissions when driving.

Join the revolution in climate change, you can still drive whilst helping to save the planet!

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